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Edie Lee

Obsessed with Art and the Divine since childhood, I  dedicated my intention  and purpose to just this, attending Parsons School Of Design in the fabulous and radical 80's, I studied Communication Design and developed my totally recognizable style of Post-Modern Pop Art. Then later graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Buffalo with an Honors degree in Painting and Art History.

I have been studying Art, Mystical and Metaphysical constantly and with fervor my entire life, it is my passion to comfort and advise those around me with my gift of insight combined with my unique style of creating. My collections have been shown and sold around the entire United States.  My work is collected by many and I would love to create something unique for you.



Conjuring thoughts of running away to the carnival and living in that fantasy space forever, that's me.  My Paintings are a reflection of both my intuitive self as well as my love of Victorian Mysticism and Spirituality.  Many years of making work and developing the two strongest aspects of my personality have led me to my current collection. Painting is always a satisfying way for me to put my energy and magic out into the world, and I am extremely fortunate that my talent resonates with so many.  My love of creating and collaborating keeps me busy making commissioned work as well as custom Art.



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March 15, 2018

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